Instructions guide

1. Download LoyaCard on your phone from the App store or Google Play FREE!

2. Register

3. Join

* Scan the join Code (Quick Scan) if provided (enable camera access)

* OR search for the business you want to join (Around Me) from a list of businesses around you.

A) Stamping Instructions

1. Press 'Reward Me'

2. Collect stamps*

3. Succcessful Validation


B) Redemption Instructions

1. Press 

2. Press ‘Yes’ to trigger redemption

3. Show staff phone screen
Visit this link to view videos of LoyaCard in action!
How do I turn on location services on my phone?
Simply go into your “Settings” on your phone, then “Locational Services” where you can tap the toggle to on.
Am I required to submit personal details in the settings page.
No. however, these details will be necessary to receive special offers, birthday surprises etc from your favorite businesses. Your personal information stays with us. If a business wants to contact you, they will do so through our portal. See our Privacy Policy for more detail.
What happens if I forget my password?
Simply tap on the forgot password and we will email you a new one.
What happens to My Stamps if I lose or change my Smartphone?
Your status will be maintained. Simply download the application again (it’s free) and login with your email address and password.
What happens to My Stamps when I update to a later version of the application.
We will update the LoyaCard application periodically to ensure you have the best user experience. Your status on My Stamps is recorded on our database and will be maintained.
Does LoyaCard work where I have no mobile reception?
Yes. Your Stamps will be verified and updated once you move back into an area with reception.
How do I delete or remove myself from the LoyaCard application?
We would be sorry to see you go, but simply go into Settings (bottom left hand corner of the main menu). The Delete Account button is located at the bottom of the screen.
What happens if the owner does not make good on their offer?
The business has first right of refusal. If you are not satisfied, contact us to see if we can’t find a resolution. See Terms and Conditions.
Removing stamps
The business reserves the right to remove Stamps from your account in the event of mistake or fraud. See Terms and Conditions.
Can I run the same LoyaCard application across several mobile phones?
Yes, you’ll just need to sign in each time.
What type of businesses are on LoyaCard?
A broad range of businesses across variety of categories are on LoyaCard. These include Cafes, Hotels & Restaurants, Fast Food, Car Washes, Clothing Alterations, Dry Cleaners, Beauty, Hair, Massage, Sports & Recreation, Retail.

If you see any other businesses that you think should be on LoyaCard, please contact us at info@loyacard.com


1. Press 'Reward Me'

2. Enter amount spent > Validate

3. Collect Points*

4. Successful Validation

*On Android Devices, please ensure NFC is enabled

Check-ins applications




Department Store


Need to register a high volume of guests over a short period of time!


Check-ins are an ideal way of registering your guests and recording their visit.

Not only does this provide you with valuable business intelligence (who, when, where), but also allows you to engage with your guests in real time.

For example, send them an automatic triggered message or reward the guests with benefits and prizes for their visitation.

Ideal for group classes, pubs, clubs, night clubs, events, conferences and exhibitions



- Easy registration

- Customer driven, requires minimal staff involvement

- Secure validation

- Accurate up to the second data recording (who, when, where)

- Minimal administration, everything can be accessed from the dashboard


How does it work?


1. Your guest simply downloads LoyaCard on their phone.

2. Register with their contact details (name, email, phone, etc)

3. Join your ofer from Around Me or with a special code.



Placing their phone on the device to check-in

The check-in is registered on the guest phone and your Dashboard




These can be trigerred automatically and/or manually from the LoyaCard Dashboard





Automatically sent to My Rewards







Claim Deal applications

1. Amusement Parks

2. Clothes Retailers

3. Cinemas

4. Travel


Deal Redemption

1. Press Claim

2. Claim deal successful

* On Android devices, please ensure NFC is enabled



Pre-Paid Card applications

1. Car Wash

2. Classes

3. Meals

4. Oil Change

5. Fitness Centers

6. Hair Salons

7. Bus Stops


Purchasing Instructions

1. Press 'Purchase'

2. Issue Stamps*

3. Successful Validation


Redemption Instructions

1. Press 'Reward Me'

2. Collect Stamps*

3. Show staff phone screen


Claim VIP / Club Card

VIP (or Club Cards) are a great way to reward your best customers with exclusive benefits.



1. Invite your best customers to join your VIP program.

2. Customers present the onscreen card to receive the benefits of your program.


Loyacard Scratch Card Screens


Join Scratch Card Offer


Join Scratch Card

Scratch Card



Save or Redeem

Redeem Reward



LoyaCard Scratch & Win Instruction

1. Join Scratch Card Offer


2. Joined

Pop up message showing customer successfully joined offer.

3. Join Scratch Card



Pop up message asking customer to join the scratch card.

4. Scratch Card

1) Scratch the card

2) Background image with scratch card reward and brand logo.


640px x 1136 px

5. Scratch

Scratch and win rewards




6. Save or Redeem

Save the reward or redeem the reward now.




7. Redeem Reward

Redeem the reward now.

8. Complete

Reward image showing customer the reward for the scratch card.